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Ayalik Fund has partnered with the Canadian Canoe Foundation to provide canoe trip experiences for Inuit youth in different locations. Part of our shared purpose is to bring youth from diverse backgrounds and different regions of Canada together for a wilderness canoe trip. In 2018, Inuit youth from Kugluktuk, sponsored by Ayalik Fund, joined a CCF trip on the Coppermine River. In 2019, CCF and the Ayalik Fund brought boys together from different parts of Canada for a canoe trip in the remote Temagami wilderness of northern Ontario. Future joint projects will build on these previous expeditions.

In the summer of 2018, two youths from Kugluktuk, sponsored by AyalikFund, joined a canoe trip on the Coppermine River organized by the Canadian Canoe Foundation. For Thomas Kaohina and Bert Elatiak, from Kugluktuk, this was a trip through the land of their ancestors; the Coppermine spills into the Arctic Ocean beside their home community of Kugluktuk. The trip was led by professional guide and outdoor educator Colin Bunge, formerly an Outward Bound instructor, who ensured that the two youths not only experienced their land in a new way, but they also acquired a new skill set in the process. The Ayalik Fund plans to launch more canoe trips in partnership with the Canadian Canoe Foundation in the future.
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Thomas Kaohina from Kugluktuk
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Bert Elatiak from Kugluktuk

In the summer of 2019, the CCF and the Ayalik Fund partnered with Camp Temagami to launch a new program of back-country canoe trips, bringing together youth from Nunavut with southern youth, for shared experiences in the wilderness of northern Ontario.
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Three boys from Nunavut about to embark on a Temagami canoe trip, (l. to r.): Iola Oshoweetok from Cape Dorset, Michael Haniliak & Andrew Anavilok from Cambridge Bay
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Sitting around the campfire during a Temagami canoe trip

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